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Hi there! My name is Sinead, and I'm originally from N.Ireland. I split my time between Boston and Europe.

My approach to work and life is to pay attention to people and ideas at the intersection of important fields. After all, disruption happens at the edge of chaos!

I'm an Aerospace Engineer, and I used to work at the world's leading advanced research laboratory in the United States where I was a human spaceflight mission designer for NASA, an underwater roboticist for the US Navy, created high frequency trading algorithms for a hedge fund, and wrote drones policy for the Federal Aviation Authority.

Now, I think about why we need deeptech.

I researched geopolitics, technology and innovation policy at

More recently, I was the Chief Strategist for the world's most famous business economist, Prof. Michael E. Porter at Harvard Business School.

I write and speak about innovation, finance, culture, art, geopolitics, economics and more.

Most importantly, I spend time with my family and friends and I love offshore sailing, running, skiing, drinking good wine, and general shenanigans!

Feel free to send me a message to say hello. 

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