Update: For obvious reasons, Dinner Club will recommence if/when the COVID cloud lifts.


Update on update: COVID is here forever. How can we find interesting ways to connect to people serendipitously and have fun while learning what we didn't know we didn't know? If you have an idea please let me know!


Several times a month I hold Dinner Club at my house in Boston.

Why? Because I want to understand what people are doing in different fields to mine, and how they think about global and societal grand challenges through their work. 

The rules are simple- I cook dinner and 6-8 people (preferably who I don't know and who don't know each other) bring themselves, drinks of choice and a topic of conversation that they would like to understand from multiple point of views!

For example: How do we assign value to art? And how can AI quantify such subjective matters? Do autonomous robots without a higher intelligence have a place in our society? How do they compare to autonomous, low intelligence animals? 

Dinner Club has some awesome and well-known members, from extreme roboticists to human rights lawyers, venture capitalists to machine learning engineers and psychologists. 

If you'd like to join me and a random group for Dinner Club- let me know!