The world is getting more, not less, complex. Globalization has created an increasingly interconnected and interdependent society. Given high interdependencies, small perturbations in seemingly unconnected domains have outsized effects. I am modeling complex and chaos-driven systems that can be found everywhere, from democracies to culture, supply chains to creativity. 


I am a Fellow at MIT's AI Policy for the World Project, leading research into Geopolitical AI. Specifically, I model complex tradeoffs of regulating technology on democracy. What are ethics, laws and policies around artificial intelligence that can be implemented to create a fair and democratic society? How can they be implemented so that we can spur innovation in a socially-responsible way?


I am a Fellow at the US Center for Climate and Security. I recently discussed the role of UAVs and satellites in monitoring climate change and US Homeland Security at Oxford University. I also wrote a report on the same issue: "Epicenters of Climate and Security: The New Geostrategic Landscape of the Anthropocene"


I am looking at cultured creativity (art, music, literature, sports) and the distribution of these forms. By better modeling creativity as a complex system, I am hoping to learn more about the process of innovation. I am trying to answer questions such as: Why does some music become a hit? Why do some startups grow while others fail? Who dictates fashion and contemporary art popularity? This is an experimental, hands on project. I founded Glasrock (record label) representing one signed, recording artist. I am curating a contemporary, mixed media art exhibition on the basis of my research into digital art (to be exhibited in  2020). 


I'm thinking about the relationship between Earth's economy and exploration, settlement and resource distribution in Low-Earth Orbit and beyond. Will humans be the first interplanetary species? If so, how can nation states, societies and markets be created in a literal and metaphorical vacuum? Who will lead the interplanetary settlement, and how will this New Age Order be ruled? 

Old Projects

These are some things I enjoyed working on when I was an academic!