Stuff I've been doing...

11.30.2021- Wrapped up the first cohort of my inaugural class "Business + Economics of Space"

11.11.2021- Delivered the COP26 "Space Pavilion" Closing Keynote (opening by Al Gore)

11.01.2021- Published "Astronaut Privatization" in the Financial Times

08.01.2021- Moved back to Harvard Business School with Prof. Michael Porter

03.31.2021 - Guest Speaker for the BBC Network Series (closed session)

03.28.2021 - Hosted art and politics event at Imagine! Festival with BalletBlack on Art X Society

03.26.2021 - Hosted STEM event for Royal Academy of Engineering with Chief Engineer, Rolls Royce

03.24.2021 - Organized, hosted large Astronaut Application event with ESA's Head of Talent

03.17.2021 - Included in "13 Irish people shaping science and technology on the world stage"

03.16.2021 - Started as an innovation columnist for The Currency

03.02.2021 - Wrote about the impact of RocketLab's exit on NZ innovation sector in The NZ Herald 

02.21.2021 - Wrote about managing climate-based aviation turbulence with innovative data

12.07.2020 - Speaker at Ireland's Edge festival on complexity in music 

12.02.2020 - Interview with Silicon Republic on creativity and complexity

11.30.2020- Created a podcast documentary on the world's first female aviator Lilian Bland

10.10.2020 - Produced and released my first mini-opera on climate change disinformation!

10.10.2020 - Presented TED Countdown, global climate change initiative

09.07.2020 - First place, C&C 30 Championships, Lake Superior (performance sailing)

08.18.2020 - Op-Ed on Irish diplomacy and technology regulation in Irish Times

08.17.2020 - Podcast interview: Best of Belfast on complexity research, life in USA

07.23.2020 - BBC panelist with Virgin Galactic CEO to discuss space tourism business model

06.05.2020 - Op-Ed on American nationalistic space policy, Irish Times

05.30.2020 - BBC World interview: SpaceX successfully launches crewed Dragon to ISS

03.04.2020 - Panelist: AI and creativity, "Breakthrough 2020", Kantar annual conference, Miami FL

02.24.2020 - BBC News interview: Katherine Johnson and her NASA legacy

02.15.2020 - Guest speaker at Oxford University's Mathematical Institute

02.13.2020 - Led N.Ireland space day with BBC News 

12.03.2019 - Interview: "Space Race and the Economy", Fox Business 

11.14.2019 - Received US Permanent Residency!

11.02.2019 - Ran a workshop on Digital Ethics at WPP's Stream Conference in California

10.21.2019 - Discussion with NASA Chief Scientist on Planetary Protection at IAC conference 

10.10.2019 - Interview with NewSpace on SpaceX's Starship business model

09.14.2019 - First place in National Chicago Regatta (sailing)

08.30.2019 - Second place in US Tristate Offshore Distance Race (sailing) 

08.26.2019 - Published in The Space Review: Curious Case of Transgressing Tardigrades Pt 1, 2, 3

08.26.2019 - Interview with LA Times on market impact of RocketLab's release of rocket reusability

08.11.2019 - First place in US Verve Cup Offshore Regatta (sailing)

08.11.2019 - Real Assets Advisor magazine interview: "Space Economics: Outsized Ambitions?"

06.19.2019 - Gave interview for BBC World Service on economic ambitions of India's space agency

06.08.2019 - Presented an economic analysis of SpaceX's business strategy on CNBC Markets

05.29.2019 - Co-hosted Harvard Business Review IdeaCast's podcast on the Space Economy

04.05.2019 - Gave keynote on Interplanetary Economics at Harvard's "Future Assembly" conference

03.30.2019 - Awarded my 40ft Skipper's License (sailing)

03.27.2019 - Second place in the British Virgin Islands Invitational Regatta (sailing)

01.16.2019 - Published in SpaceNews on US regulations and the NewSpace sector 

01.09.2019 - SSR Industries gives evidence to the US House Intel Committee on Russian sanctions

12.18.2108 - Research on electoral interference and Russian cells covered in Australian press.

12.18.2018 - Published in The European: Security and Defense journal on climate and satellites

11.19.2018 - Filed two patents on human implicit bias extraction with John Fuisz

10.17.2018 - Monitored the US Midterm elections, found evidence of foreign interference with GMU

10.15.2018 - Published in The Irish Times on Trump, space policy and nationalism

09.27.2018 - Two months stuck in London fighting Trump's dumb immigration policies

09.26.2018 - Raced in the MBA sailing regatta, Harvard boat, Portofino Italy

09.19.2018 - Published in Stuff on the role of a national CTO position

09.15.2018 - Interviewed for the Royal Aeronautical Engineering Society's "Ingenia" magazine

08.09.2018 - First place in Verve Offshore and Chicago regatta, sailing

08.01.2018 - Research used in textbook "Water, Security and U.S. Foreign Policy" (D. Reed)

08.01.2018 - Approval for my National Security Interest US Greencard

08.01.2018 - Discussing rocket launches in Air New Zealand's inflight magazine, Kia Ora

07.24.2018 - Appointed 30 Under 30, International Institute of Space Commerce

07.20.2018 - Blissful week at home in Ireland

07.03.2018 - Briefed UK House of Lords on evidence of Russian interference in UK elections

06.04.2018 - Approval for my Extraordinary Abilities US Greencard

05.25.2018 - Graduated from Harvard Business School with an MBA

05.20.2018 - Addressed nine US intel agencies on research into Russian election interference

03.28.2018 - Published in The Irish Times on Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook and data monopolization

03.07.2018 - Lectured on Business of Space and Innovation at Georgetown Law School

02.18.2018 - Contributed a chapter to Dr. C Handmer's book "Grad School Survival Guide", on Amazon

02.14.2018 - Testing Kea-1 first stage rocket ignition @ Whitapu beach, New Zealand

01.10.2018 - Consulting for insane GPU hyperprocessor technology, Nyriad, in New Zealand 

01.01.2018 - New Year's camping at Mount Cook, Southern Alps, New Zealand

12.20.2017 - Christmas skiing in St. Anton, Austria

10.08.2017 - MIT satellite hackathon on Puerto Rico's natural disaster assessment 

09.07.2017 - Talk, natural disaster liabilities and technologies, Harvard Human Rights @ Harvard Law

08.24.2017 - Radio interview: "Radical Ideas" for Radio New Zealand, on space technologies

08.17.2017 - Lecture on Big Data and Business Intelligence, Auckland University of Technology

08.11.2017 - Keynote address, Groundswell Innovation Festival, New Zealand

08.07.2016 - TV interview on space technologies for The AM Show, New Zealand

06.17.2017 - Second place in the America's Cup Superyacht Regatta (racing s/y Meteor)

06.09.3017 - Launch Planetary Security Initiative on climate change, satellites at Oxford University

05.02.2017 - Published large thought piece on Humanitarian Disasters and Digital Rights

03.03.2017 - Interviewed by The Economist on the African space industry

02.16.2017 - Space industry ski trip in Vail, Colorado

02.07.2017 - Keynote address, Sync17, Europe's largest teen hackathon

01.01.2017 - New Year skiing in St. Anton

12.01.2016 - Delivered keynote address at UK Chamber of Commerce President's Banquet

10.18.2016 - My TEDx talk in Belfast, UK "Space Technologies for Natural Disaster Management"

10.15.2016 - Organized "Future of Flight" conference at Harvard's Technology Conference

09.29.2016 - Judged Deloitte's Digital Entrepreneurship competition for Invent2016

09.12.2016 - Delivered the Next Generation Plenary at International Astronautical Conference, Mexico

08.04.2016 - Attended and presented at European Space Agency's Earth Observation program

06.11.2016 - Interviewed for BBC radio on digital competitiveness 

06.10.2017 - Women in Technology panel, Digital DNA conference

06.09.2016 - Delivered keynote address at Digital DNA conference

06.07.2016 - Delivered keynote speech at Belfast City Hall inaugural dinner

05.11.2016 - Named "Emerging Space Leader" by International Astronautical Federation

04.20.2016 - Created "Vesta" app to assist dementia patents with wandering

03.10.2016 - Named Irish Times "Tech Titan of the World

02.05.2016 - Consulting for Falabella, department store, Buenos Aires